Dream it. Intent it. Do it.

The Professional

Being a Light of Hope

I step into people’s lives as a Motivational Speaker, Performance Trainer, and Life Coach. I don all these roles because of my innate desire to transform you from good to great. That is the earnest purpose of my life. I am here to create a world of self-inspired and self-motivated people.

In the past 10 years, I have conducted more than 2,500 workshops, trained more than 40,000 people across various levels and industries. I take pride in servicing a growing list of 300 clients and motivating and inspiring 500 people at a time.

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Who I work with

Who I Work With

Youngsters – I strongly resonate with the youth. So it goes without saying how passionate I am to inspire them and ignite the spark within them.

Women – I have tasted the life of a woman giving up her career for the sake of greater family interest. I see myself in hundreds of such women. That’s where I come in to empower them to honour their capabilities and skills.

Corporate Professionals – With growing competition in every sector the demand to excel, stay motivated, cope with stress, and to stand out often weigh down employees. I’m here to share secrets to peak performance and enable breakthroughs that will empower you to be your most powerful and inspired self.

Where Learning Happens

Push open the door! There you are into a training room bustling with laughter and high energy levels. I stand right there letting loose my humorous angle.

Every participant takes turns to talk and engage. That’s exactly where the magic begins - learning happens. They end up unleashing thoughts and ideas without a speck of doubt.

They feel understood, heard, and appreciated. The session continues with various activities drawing people out of their comfort zones. Once you are out of your comfort zone into the spotlight, transformation starts.

That’s what happens in my training, coaching, and motivational sessions. I take the role of a catalyst empowering you to use my life’s learning as well as lessons that will impact your life.

The Professional Angle

As a professional and an individual, I am highly committed and disciplined. I work for results and get into the skin of the show to make sure you take home a lifetime of learning. Instead of complicating things, I rather prefer to make it simple for all. No jargons, no jazz for me. It’s all about a clear transference of ideas and knowledge from me to you. To me, clients are the king. Clients are God. I love to service them and maintain a strong professional relationship with them. I stress on going the extra mile to meet your needs, to deliver beyond your expectations. Work truly is worship for me.

Captain Suri

Richa is an excellent communicator and has the knack of engaging all the participants. She has good situational awareness and shows flexibility as the training progresses.

Captain Suri

Head Global Vessel Operations Center, One Shipping

You can reach out to me anytime. Even after the workshops. I am committed to helping you.