Think Like a Queen

Enthusing the Women

Sunrise to Sunset and Beyond

– A workshop on Life Management

Being a woman you are expected to don multiple hats 24/7, 365 days a year but in the midst of everything you have your own challenges. Yet you need to thrive and remain resilient. How do you shine through it all and fulfill your own dreams?

Well, the answer is to redesign your life with a transformational journey that enables you to enjoy a fuller life.

    This workshop is an answer to:

  1. Handling life transitions calmly
  2. Being more assertive, confident, and positive
  3. Taking massive steps to bring change in your daily life
  4. Operating from a level of empowerment and inspiration

This session is designed to ignite, revitalize, and energize your approach to your goals with a more focused and planned manner.

Only when you choose to ‘Be Happy’, can you make others around you ‘Happy’!

– Richa

Back to Work – Like a BOSS!

– A Workshop to Re-ignite the Strength of the Professional

Are you a woman who wants to return to work but are held back because you:

  1. Don’t know how to make a comeback
  2. Have lost your confidence over the years
  3. Have other priorities like kids and home
  4. Feel stuck and don’t know where to start

This workshop is for all you woman who have gone on a sabbatical but wish to truly get back to work. You will get the tricks and tips for a smooth transition from “being stuck at home” to “back to work-like a boss”!

There is no stopping to what you can achieve as you realize your limitless capabilities. It’s a ripple effect nothing short of pure magic as you see the transformation in action!