Follow Your Guiding Light

Guiding the Youth

Discover Yourself. A Date With Yourself !

This session introduces your students to their inner power, wherein lies the secret for all their happiness and success. It unravels the purpose of their life.

    The session covers:

  1. Exploring the intricate details that ignite the inner power
  2. Identifying their persona and capabilities
  3. Loving themselves and embracing change
  4. Awakening their secret power

Welcome to a journey that is enjoyable and intriguing. It is a life-transforming session, it will empower them with a true understanding of happiness and self-love. Highly recommended! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Duration: 3 hours

Goodbye Campus! Hello, Corporates!

Fresh out of college, all that your students need is to re-model themselves to be a corporate fit candidate. Get them skilled and trained to crack their best deals into the corporate world.This workshop equips them with techniques and tips to easily blend into the corporate culture.

Here’s what the programme will equip them with:

    - Corporate Etiquette & Dressing
    - Working effectively in a team
    - Presenting with Confidence

    - Success in Group Discussions
    - Art of Giving the Perfect Interview
    - Do's and Don'ts at the Workplace

The programme reflects the essential elements to tackle the challenges of corporate life with engaging techniques distancing it from regular classroom-based sessions.

Duration: 1 Day

WOW, What a Personality!

Ever wondered how to get your students to speak with confidence and ease, carry that magnetism that gets noticed? How to shine in the midst of innumerable people? This course answers your question!

    To get them to the spotlight this session emphasizes on:

  1. Acquiring high self-esteem and confidence
  2. Grooming their inner self to brim with positivity
  3. Polishing their presentation and communication skills
  4. Preparing them with a strong foundation for a successful career

Based on best practices, this cutting-edge session focuses on creating a positive impression on others, building and developing relationships, and helping in their career growth.

Duration:3 to 5-days course depending on your requirements.