Competition? Look, It’s in the Mirror!

Empowering the Corporates

Be the peak performer

Be the Peak Performer

Peak performance level allows one to conquer fear so much so that one can even bend an iron rod with one’s neck or run across a hot and blazing fire bed.

Topics covered:

  1. Defining purpose and gaining conviction
  2. Understanding perceived difficulty as against reality
  3. Balancing the emotional state and breaking inertia
  4. Converting limiting beliefs to empowering ones

Allow your employees to come out of their comfort zones, accept new challenges, be more focused, and ultimately dispel all their fears so as to display peak performance.
Duration:1-2 days workshops

Champions by Design

Help team leaders and managers be the next transformational world-class leaders with a radical focus in this VUCA world with practical methods and cutting-edge strategies.

Topics covered:

  1. Leading through change
  2. Inspiring others effectively
  3. Unplugging the leader within
  4. Effective performance management

An interactive approach to boost your team’s confidence in setting business directions and creating a unified vision within a competitive business world.
Duration: 1 day session and customized as per client’s requirements.

Champions by design
In it to win it

In It to Win It

Let your junior, mid, and senior management employees exude their best selves by re-igniting their interpersonal dynamics while shedding the corporate masks.

What you will get:

  1. Increased motivation, commitment, and productivity
  2. Enhanced communication and camaraderie
  3. Fresh new perceptions and team unity
  4. Aligned organizational vision and purpose

The debriefing session will bring your team members out of their comfort zone including the most introvert employees, thereby expanding their horizons.
Duration: 3 - 4 hours session and can be merged with the company’s annual events calendar as well.

And…..It’s a SALE!!!

Get top-performing sellers through this course, which has a novel framework and tools created from researched data and assessments, in a world of new generation of time-pressed and information-loaded buyers.

What’s in it for them:

  1. Techniques to sell without selling
  2. Methodologies to present with sales power
  3. Breakthrough insights in customer service
  4. Influential tactics to play it big

With no complicated theories, matrix, or jargons, the simple yet powerful and proven module will accelerate your sales team’s performance, helping them crack the toughest deals.
Duration: 1 day programme

And…..It’s a SALE!!!
Do more in less

Do Less – Get More Results

If your team is juggling with their priorities, it’s time to overhaul their working strategy! This session is rightly planned for them to eliminate distractions and boost productivity.

Topics covered:

  1. Increased efficiency and productivity
  2. Prioritizing of time and work
  3. Reduced procrastination
  4. Efficient task scheduling

With laser-focused work and effective prioritization of tasks, get more results with less sweat. Leverage our strategies to take charge of work and life.
Duration: 1-day programme