Be Loyal to Your Future, Not Your Past

The Motivator

My Story

I saw the stark reality of life at an early age. With my father blowing off money in casinos and shares, we faced financial crises most of the time. As a child I witnessed him crack open my piggy bank to buy shares. It was an incident that was imprinted in my young mind forever. Over time, I realized that I wanted to be financially self-sufficient. I wanted to be who I am and not be conditioned by people.

I finally carved my own destiny, my own path with a strong will power and determination. It’s the situations in life that instigated me to be who I am today. It lit the spark for me to inspire myself and others. Today, I give people the thrust to shatter their negative beliefs that restrict them. I give them the belief to achieve their maximum limitless opportunities.


In the past 10 years, I have conducted 3,500 workshops across various levels and industries, trained around 40,000 people with a maximum group size of 300. The journey doesn’t stop here. I am here to carve myself as one of the top ten motivational speakers to enable people to lead a life of their dreams. I was looked upon as an early achiever as I earned Kingfisher’s best flight crew award in 2006. I am happy to be an example for the girls in my hometown to make it big in the 'City of Dreams'

Personal Traits

Over the years, participants have shared stuff they didn’t know were blocked within them for years. They have opened up unto me, divulging their deep kept secrets, which are still safe with me.

They feel it is my trustworthy, dependable, and empathetic nature that helps them shade all masks before me. Indeed, a great inspiration for me to continue handholding people into newer realms of positivity and success.

My sincerity and commitment make people believe not just in me but in themselves too.

Personal Traits

My Happiness Potion

The quiet hours of dawn – that’s my peaceful personal space. Moving into a silent zone, blocking out all negative thoughts, and reciting out loud to the universe my affirmations, charges me to face the challenges life brings.

I believe in the power of prayer. It is like infusing vitamins to the soul. That’s my secret potion that keeps my energy up to the brim. At the same time, I believe only when I am happy I can make others around me happy.

A Glimpse into my Personal Space

A fitness freak I indulge in running, jogging, and swimming. The need to be in shape and fit is a priority for me. Apart from playing with my little son, I enjoy Netflix, listening to peppy English music, and grooving to their beats.
I am a compulsive perfectionist and love being in charge. At the same time, I have always been a quick decision maker.

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