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Unlock Your Potential

Discover the power within you to break free from the habits that no longer serve you. Unleash your potential for growth, success, and happiness.

Expert Guidance

Navigate your journey with expert guidance from Richa Maheshwari, a seasoned habit transformation coach. Benefit from her insights and proven strategies that have helped countless individuals transform their lives.

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Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals on the same journey. Share experiences, gain inspiration, and celebrate victories together. You're not alone in this transformation!

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Daily Guidance

Receive daily expert guidance through videos, worksheets, and resources designed to empower you on your habit transformation journey

Interactive Community

Join our interactive community, where you can connect with others, share insights, and stay motivated throughout the challenge

Accountability Partners

Pair up with an accountability partner to stay on track and support each other's progress. Accountability is a powerful catalyst for change.


"This challenge has been a game-changer for me. The support from the community and Richa's guidance have propelled me toward a healthier and more productive lifestyle."

- Sarah D

"I've tried many challenges, but this one stands out. The daily guidance and the ultimate trick to changing habits have made a significant impact on my life."

- Akshay Jhadhav

Meet Your Mentor


Hi there!

I’m Richa Maheshwari!

I am a Motivational Speaker, Performance Trainer, and Life Coach. I don all these roles because of my innate desire to transform you from good to great. That is the earnest purpose of my life. I am here to create a world of self-inspired and self-motivated people.

In the past 10 years, I have conducted more than 2,500 workshops, trained more than 40,000 people across various levels and industries. I take pride in servicing a growing list of 300 clients and motivating and inspiring 500 people at a time.

As a professional and an individual, I am highly committed and disciplined. I work for results and get into the skin of the show to make sure you take home a lifetime of learning. Instead of complicating things, I rather prefer to make it simple for all. No jargons, no jazz for me. It’s all about a clear transference of ideas and knowledge from me to you. To me, clients are the king. Clients are God. I love to service them and maintain a strong professional relationship with them. I stress on going the extra mile to meet your needs, to deliver beyond your expectations. Work truly is worship for me.

Learn the ultimate trick to changing habits – a powerful strategy that pits logic against emotions. Discover how making lists of reasons why you should or shouldn't engage in a habit can reshape your decision-making process. It's a mental muscle strategy that strengthens your resolve to make positive choices.

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